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Annie Turnbo Malone (August 9, 1869—May 10, 1957) Business Women, Inventor, Educator, and Philanthropist.  Malone is recorded as the U.S.’s first black female millionaire based on reports of $14 million in assets held in 1920 from her beauty and cosmetic enterprises, headquartered in St. Louis and Chicago. Malone had launched her hair care business four years before Madam C. J. Walker.
In the first three decades of the 20th century, she founded and developed a large and prominent commercial and educational enterprise centered around cosmetics for African-American women. (Read More)


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Some think that secret societies are a thing of the past, but for Black women in the entertainment business, to be inducted into the Black Magnolia Sisterhood had become a guaranteed key to success.

Get lost in the world of the Black Magnolias. A world you never even imagined. These books give you first hand information about the secret lives of the most prominent women in the entertainment business. Find out what being a Black Magnolia is all about and what goes on behind closed doors.

In a world fueled by sex, drugs, and money, the savvy, sexy, and professional women of the Black Magnolia Society are taking the entertainment industry by storm making and breaking all the rules.

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RIP Whitney Houston

RIP Whitney Houston

RIP Etta James

RIP Etta James


Gloria Ford Cabrera, is the CEO of The Glo Agency, the number one model management & scouting firm representing ethnic talent. Gloria is the wife of Reuben Cabrera, a luxury real estate developer and the mother of Shayna, an aspiring model

Born and raised in the Bronx, Gloria was the love child of an affair her mother had with a married man. Her two older half-brothers were always protective of her as Gloria began turning heads of grown men in the neighborhood at a young age.

After a brief stint as a pin-up model, she moved to Miami to be close to her brothers who were building a name for themselves in South Beach. With her knowledge of the industry, a bit of her savings, and the help of her brothers, Gloria opened her modeling agency which went on to become the top casting firm for hip hop video vixens.

Gloria wants to begin expanding her horizons outside of hip hop and the sexual assault of her top model and death of her brother pushes Gloria over the edge.

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If you think Black actresses have it hard in Hollywood in 2011, imagine what it was like for Lucinda Lewis in 1934. In pursuit of her dream she dropped out of private southern college, left her friends and family, moved to California, married the first white man that looked her way, and became Linda Stevens.

The life of a white Hollywood starlet wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. She divorced her first husband after a few months and had a hard time getting her big break. When she finally did begin to score the major roles, she could no longer hide from herself when she looked in the mirror. Linda Stevens, the white award winning actress of Armenian heritage, was really Lucinda Lewis, the daughter of two loving black parents she left behind in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Celeste London is the Head Magnolia In Charge. CEO & Entertainment Attorney. Love interest of billionaire playboy Ivan Donahue, Founder & Chairman of ID Entertainment the #1 entertainment & media conglomerate in the world.

Who makes Celeste’s tick?

Kai Hampton, her former bff and archnemesis since high school who now works for Ivan. Celeste swears something is going on between her man and Kai, she can’t prove it.

Karin Noble, blogger for who has a vendetta against the Magnolias for not accepting her into their circle.

Celeste has her ways of dealing with everyone accordingly. She keeps her friends close and her enemies even closer.

Upholding a legacy…

Being the grandchild of one of the founding members, Celeste believes it is her duty to uphold the legacy of The Black Magnolia Society. Despite the criticism she receives for who she chooses to let in to the society, Celeste knows that at the end of the day her mission will be accomplished. That mission is to create a sisterhood of some of the most powerful women in entertainment and its related fields.

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Character Study is a profile post on the characters from The Black Magnolia Society series.